About Us


At PG Accountants we are local firm of accountants in the Shirley, Solihull area. We pride ourselves on providing a personal, professional and expert service to hundreds of clients in the West Midlands and further afield.

Our team has decades if experience working with business of shapes and sized operating in a wide range of sectors including: Construction, Food and Hospitality, Hair and Beauty, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail and many more.


At PG Accountants we seek to help our partners grow and prosper by meeting all their accountancy, taxation and business needs. We know that every business is unique and always build a personal service to best achieve ours and our client’s long-term objectives. We believe that only by building strong relationships and working closely our partners can mutual success be assured.

Brand values


We see our clients as partners and seek to build long and fruitful relationships. We listen to you and build a personal service specific to you.


We are a safe pair of hands, our team helps promote growth through sound strategic, financial and business advice. You can trust that we will do the right thing and are always available to assist you.​


We cut through language that often leaves you reeling or needing a degree in ancient languages to understand. We deal with that, so you don’t have to.


As your business needs change, we change with you to ensure that the service we provide is right for you helps facilitate growth and success in the future.


We see ourselves as a one stop shop offering a wide range of services perfect for all your accounting, taxation and business needs.


We strive to keep at the forefront of technological changes and continually update our practices to ensure the service we provide you promotes the long-term growth and sustainability of your business.